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1. Vedic Vaastu Shastra

         We are the best in Vastu Shastra training and conducting courses in India. We have trained a number of people ranging from Architects to Vastu enthusisasts who wanted to learn Vastu shastra and apply to their day to day lives. Most of our students have even started practising on their own and this is a big achievement for us. We offer profound knowledge on all types of Vastus, their principles and energy, direction planet deities, Inner peace and so on. We train our students on using powerful instruments and tools which are currently used in Vastu rectification and also educate them on making plan and division of plot or vastu according to 16 division of cardinal directions. We also incorporate a lot of case studies in our lectures and conduct practical visits for better understanding
         Our speciality is in remedial part. We do vastu shuddhi karan pooja vidhi with Ganesh pujan, varun pujan, navgraha ashtadikpal kuldevta gramdevta and vastudevta pujan to cleanse and attract all the deities in our vastu for attracting good luck.

2. Manta Shastra

         Very unique one day course designed on ancient Vedic mantra shastra, this is our simple attempt to develop the human potential through mantra.
         Here we shed light on many mantras used for specific purposes. Our Indian mythology refers to use of various mantras to overcome all day to day problems related to marriage, health, enmity, politics, children etc.
         Our basic aim is to design this course and bring awareness and understanding of basics related to the vibrations that flow through mind and soul once you chant different mantras, which will lead towards spiritual operation like healing, relaxation and peacefulness.

3. Numerology

         We conduct two days course on numerology which is totally different then all. We teach you how to understand one's personality and his inner self with his outer self by help of numbers.
          We reveal the secrets of your name, which numbers are lucky for whom, what your destiny says about you and what’s your inner desire regarding everything ,career guidance, follow of money, health and much more. We teach how the different colours attract your fortune with remedial parts which is always a unique part of all courses which we present in front of you.

4. Remedial Expert

         In this yog many people are leading stressful life. They are unaware of what is happing with them and their surrounding and even don’t know what to do exactly?
         For this we assure of having solution to your every problem. As we believe each and every problem comes with a solution. Only thing is that, we should know proper guidance.
         We are very pleased to give you remedies which are practical and scientifically proved and tested. No superstition is involved in our practise. We provide remedies which anyone can easily perform and are taken from our Veda.
          Remedies like donation, Mantra-Yantra, Ratna Adhyay Colours, Fragrance etc…
         They are tested and experienced by many clients all over nation.

5. Mudra Vigyan

          Pind se Brahamand i.e. Mini to macro. Journey of universe is related to five great elements and these five elements are situated in 10 fingers of Human beings.
          Thus balancing these five elements with help of our fingers is called Mudra Vigayan.
         It’s an ancient yogic practice, which is done with help of hand gestures.
         The simple one day course is designed to teach exact and scientific yogic function by which one can develop Internal,           External, Physical, Emotional and Mental changes to lead happy and peaceful healthier life.

6. Yantra-Mantra-Tantra

          A one day course of Yantra-Mantra-Tantra specially designed to the people who are keen to understand and practise spiritual sciences.          
It is vedic rituals with yagya hom-havan, puja, mantra sadhana available to human beings to invoke the divine power of God to purify wind, body and soul.          
Thus Yantra-Mantra-Tantra are 3 fundamental means by which you can manifest your destiny.

7. Medical Numerology

          One day Medical Numerology course designed for the people who are already practising Numerology Science.          
With this course we make you aware how Tri-dosha i.e. Cough, Vaat and Pitta of human body is connected to Planets and Numbers and the remedies to come out from physical issues. Medical Numerology tells about the good and bad times of past, present and future. Calculation of few numbers in your birth chart helps you to identify health related problems and also knowledge of food intake which will boost your body according to different numbers.

8. Meditation to Education

          Meditation is a de-stress for academic success by making children free from negative effects of stress. It helps children to cope up with the emotions like frustration and fear. Meditation helps to harness the monkey mind and keep them calm so that their creativity flows.          
We organize one day seminar for kids who have difficulty in understanding, having anger issues, television and gaming addiction, anxiety issues, increased usage of mobile phone and kids who are low on self-esteem. Here we will help these children, how to be attentive in classrooms, study on time and give how to be peaceful.