Welcome to Vaastu Shree

     We are among the best Vastu Shastra, Numerology, and Astro-Vastu consultants located in Mumbai and providing services since 2007 in Mumbai and all over India.
     Our Founder Mrs. Kavita Kasbe, is a Vastu Visharad, Numerologist, Astro Vastu expert and remedial expert. She has immense deep knowledge in the field of Vastu and numerology. Apart from consultation she also has been writing articles on Vastu Shastra and Numerology in various magazines and conducting lectures and seminars for upcoming Vastu Shastra enthusiasts.
     We have experience of 10 years working successfully with guaranteed positive result . Vaastu Shree has changed many lives by applying more than 5000 years old science of Vaastu Shastra, which is the gift of our ancient sages to human being to achieve peace, harmony in Vastu and personal life.